Friday, April 25, 2014

Photography job scams II

Everywhere you go, there are scammers hard at work, trying to part you from your money or get you to work for nothing. They're about as prevalent as the criminals that try to make off with your vehicles, money or other property. Perhaps they're worse now that they can do it all from a third country. Judging from news reports, Russia, China, Ukraine and Nigeria are hotbeds of illegal activity where those not actively involved in defrauding you are busily plotting to do so and only stop when they're dead. Even in jail they're plotting their next crime spree.

Just for grins, I'll enclose an email I received today from one of the job scammers. There are so many out there that it beggars belief. Aside from the fact I don't recall ever applying for these positions, the messenger thing is just plain weird. Certainly it would make sense for companies to interview staff online first to save both staff time and to save space in their parking lot but we're not there yet. It would be fun if everybody that read this immediately chatted to this guy on Yahoo Messenger. I'm betting that he's really in Lagos or someplace like that.
Dear Applicant,
Your resume has been reviewed by our HR Department in reference to our AD, for the following positions: "Accounting Clerk/Office Clerk,Receptionist Application,BOOKKEEPING /Customer Service/DATA ENTRY CLERK/Operations Director and Virtual Assistant position, we believe you are capable of handling this position based on your resume in Our company. We viewed your resume and we believe you have the required qualifications to proceed.Your details has been forwarded to Mr. James Kent one of the (Hiring Manager) He would be conducting an online interview with you to discuss the Job Details, Pay Scale,Benefits and company etc Following our newest online screening introduced by Better Business Bureau, you are to set up a screen name with yahoo instant messenger(IM) a( if you don't have one and add up the company Hiring Manager's yahoo screen name{JAMESKENT14@YAHOO.COM} and instant message him for an online interview/briefing exercise ASAP The schedule time for the 
interview/briefing exercise is as soon as possible, You are to be available on yahoo messenger ASAP for the interview, Your swift and timely response to this position matters a lot as the job interview starts ASAP, If you have any questions or you wont be available at the interview ASAP, Please feel free to email Mr. Kent James to reschedule another interview Date..I wish you best of luck in the interview.
Email address:
Best regard,
Director of Human Resources.
Robosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd!
There is, of course, a very good reason why I'm not worried about scammers and criminals getting hold of my resume - it has only a PO Box and a Google Voice phone number listed as contact details for me.  If you're going to take security seriously when applying on all these strange websites, that's the only way to be safe. There's not much they can do to trace you with either in order to steal your identity. They'll move onto easier pickings.

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