Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Today I was filming a video on tablets when I discovered a Duracell battery that was in my illuminated revolving stand had leaked on me. I didn't know that Duracell occasionally had problems with battery reliability. Given that it's only 20 days outside the use-by date, I don't think much of their 10 year guarantee.
 As can be seen - the end of the battery has burst with chemicals oozing out. This has obviously been leaking for quite some time since the liquid content has dried up. Clearly this started to ooze before the beginning of April and possibly even earlier than that. It's clearly not even made in China - you can see the manufacturer's address as being Toronto, Ontario.
Even after cleaning the battery compartment, there's still gunge left on the contacts. I'm just hoping that it hasn't killed my little revolving pedestal.
I don't use this revolving pedestal much - I used it for one photo project involving a revolving clock and never really looked at it afterwards.

If there's any moral to this story, it's that battery technology hasn't advanced much further than the early days and it's still worthwhile to take batteries out of things that aren't in use and to put the batteries into a leak-proof container such as a glass jar.

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