Monday, April 14, 2014

Audience Research

I'm running a couple of photo blogs. Thus far, they are being seen but not by sufficient numbers of people to make them really worthwhile. They are and
I've had a little venture into doing vLogs with the blogs, doing video on photography allied topics. The topics of my blogs are travel photography from my travels with and basically anything to do with photography on
I've been analysing the content with the highest clicks for and reckon that the pages with the highest hits to date, using the Popular Posts tool would seem to indicate that the most popular postings are either controversial or sexual.
Popular Posts

I must admit that I'm disappointed that spy cameras (which I find interesting) don't seem to have fired people's imaginations much. I do notice that those with a sexual base seem to get more readers, even though there is no real sex on display.

Another interesting thing is that the videos seem generally to have fizzled. My audience doesn't seem interested in videos. As an example, I have 487 views for "the filter that sees through clothes" but only 372 actual views of the video. For the photography on politics, I have 176 page views and only 55 video views.

It seems that videos don't reach a great quantity of readers. Having said that, I wonder whether that has anything to do with 85% of viewers just clicking straight off someplace else. I tried to reduce that by putting a photo in every article so they had something visual to attract their attention.

I know the content is interesting. I know the photos are good. I'm not quite sure what the problem is. There was one posting that went viral and had 1,500 hits in a few days due to it being posted as a link on a Romanian website. That tailed off rapidly though. That was the top posting - the great digital scam

I think the problem is that I'm just not reaching the right audience. Not quite sure how to reach the right audience. 

Any ideas? Please put them on the comment form below.

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