Wednesday, April 23, 2014

High-Speed photography debunked

High-speed imaging is one of the most technically complex and fun things that it's possible to do with photography. This is the subject of my two books on high-speed photography, available here
In order to take high speed images like the image below, it's necessary to use skill, perseverance, dedication and a modicum of equipment. To take the image below I used an electronic flash, a standard digital SLR, a cable, a radio trigger and an audio trigger-delay unit.

The myth that high-speed photography is only available to those with extreme specialist knowledge or extreme equipment is blown wide open in my books. That myth of cost and exclusivity is debunked.
This video goes into more depth as to how to go about taking high-speed photographs. I have done high-speed photography for fun. I haven't done any for several years now due to lack of a suitable shed or garage to do it in. It gets messy when liquids and fragments are involved. Bathrooms are OK for drips but not for fragmentation. I get some ludicrous criticism of my high-speed images in my books for not being artistic etc whereas in fact they were intended solely to be illustrative of the techniques. I have a faint suspicion that my critics need to get lives of their own.
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