Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A challenge to all Britphoto readers and subscribers

Today is challenge day... Today the gauntlet is thrown down at your feet. You are dared to pick it up and respond to the challenge. Responses may be posted either as comments to this blog entry or as messages to  
The challenge is to identify correctly and in the order in which they first appear, each of the individual portraits shown on the desk when the videos are filmed. For a starter, the decades in which the portraits were taken were: 1910, 1930, 1990, 2010 but not necessarily in that order.
The winner will not be chosen at random. The winner will be the first person with a correct entry.
The prize - aside from a well-justified pat on the back - will be your choice. It can be:
  • A 500 word (or less) article written for your website. Specify the length and subject.
  • A link from my blog to your website.
  • An article about your photography website and a link (500 words max).
  • A video blog entry containing a video and text about your photography website (500 words max).
  • A video blog entry or a blog entry about you and your photography.
  • Something similar along those lines that is mutually agreeable.
The entry cannot be used to demean or slight any individual, group, race, creed, color, orientation or to promote a product or service.


  1. Mata Hari, Eva Braun, Margaret Thatcher, Camilla Parker Bowles

    1. Correct on all counts. Mata Hari was an exotic dancer convicted of spying for Germany during WW1, Margaret Thatcher was the woman guilty of destroying much of Britain, Eva Braun was a film star who became Hitler's wife and Camilla Parker Bowles is the woman who Prince Charles cheated on Princess Diana with and who later became his wife.

      What manner of prize would you want, Sherri?

    2. show my video on your blog