Sunday, April 6, 2014


The April first video was great fun to put together. I had intended to put in another text article between then and now but have been so busy with ordinary life. I do have an ordinary life, oddly enough, that I've just not had the time.

Thus, today I thought I'd treat you to a selection of my out-takes. These are three videos that didn't quite go as planned.

The first video is one of the camera filter that removes clothes - or rather if you look closely you can see that I'm still wearing my wristwatch and my trousers/pants.

The second video I realise I'm still wearing my wristwatch and notice it after the camera has started rolling.

The third video I'm beginning to talk, stumbling a bit as it's even more unscripted than normal and then the phone rings and I have to dash off to answer it.

I've put all three outtakes in one video. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I do.