Monday, January 11, 2016

Why I don't use Facebook

Earlier today a friend sent screenshots of a conversation she had on Facebook via their messaging service with a scammer. Very entertaining! The big problem I have with Facebook is not the scammers nor the fact they closed my account for refusing to reveal my true identity, thus opening me up to scammers, stalkers and other villains. I have been stalked fairly consistently in the past and thus am not willing to open myself up again to such a danger.

The screenshots below depict exactly what happened. In terms of photographic context, that might seem murky but I'll explain it. Villains want your camera gear to sell to buy drugs, hookers and so on. Facebook makes it easy for villains to find you and where you live. They're not all as stupid as the villain in the screenshots. Incidentally, they did apparently ring my friend's redundant Google Voice number from a number identified as (260) 702-2273 which comes up as a Verizon cellphone number.

Needless to say, I had to paste over the more graphic details in order to make this publishable! The naughty images were of 3 different women and different from the user's profile. Although the user called, there was no message left other than a vague noise of something rattling in the background. As that was the only number to have called her Google Voice in many moons, it's highly unlikely to be an accidental call.

My recommendation - stay as far away from Facebook as you possibly can. Avoiding Bank of America is also a good idea as I recently noticed they were adding $12 a month charges onto a positive balance.

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