Sunday, January 10, 2016

Jim Bean meets Alcoholics Anonymous

I seem to do this fairly regularly with a lot of Android apps. Today was the day I dumped my Twitter app. Thank heavens that I don't actually have to pay for Android apps. Twitter just got on my tits again because of its continual censorship of my tweets. Certainly I still have Twitter with its auto posts whenever I post a blog entry but I took the app itself off my tablet. I was so tired of writing a carefully considered and witty response to things people said only to have the Twitter app refuse to send it.

Years ago, I refused to pay money for any Windows software because it was just plain awful. I have yet to see any Windows software that is actually worth paying for. Look at Windows itself - so riddled with bugs that Microsoft has to come out with fixes every few days. Windows is a product that never ever gets out of beta testing stage. When Microsoft finds it has such a mess that it cannot possibly fix it any more and have it actually work properly, they release a new version with all new bugs and holes. It's absolutely the same with bought Windows software. After buying Windows software a few times and finding it never actually worked, I quit throwing money away on it and went for the free versions instead. They stood the same chance of not working but at least they were free.

Move on a few years and I went Mac and what a relief that was - none of this constant update and fix bullshit. I had the same Mac for 8 years without an issue - until the battery died. Of course, being electronic, replacing the battery is something you just don't do. Many times I've found electronics just don't last much longer than the battery. My first experience of this was a pocket calculator. The batteries died so I replaced them and a few weeks later the calculator did too. The experience has been true so many times that these days I just refuse to buy batteries for anything electronic because like as not, it'll just die.

So, I'm currently an Android tablet only user. This is, I believe, my 4th Android tablet since 2012. They're not worth throwing a lot of money at because they don't last too long either. My first tablet was a refurbished Nook Color and that was a complete piece of trash. In the end I sold the damned thing on eBay for not very much, about 5 months after I bought it. My next tablet was an RCA 7 inch with 8GB. That was pretty awful and after 6 months I ended up just giving it away. After that I bought a refurbished Nexus 7 which conked out after 14 months. It needed a factory reset so I gave it a factory reset and found the repair partition had been erased (not by me). That led to my current Android tablet (an RCA 7 inch with 16GB). It really is not worth spending money on electronic crap - it just doesn't last much longer than a bottle of Jim Bean at an Alcoholics Anonymous convention.

Perhaps my biggest gripe about tablets is the lack of connectivity to cameras such as my existing Canon XT, to mass storage and to printers. The cloud is all well and good but there are areas where the sun shines. I want to be able to load photos on my tablet from my camera, play with them in a photo processing package and then upload to a mass storage device without having to piddle about with the internet. Let's just face it - I live in an old bus. How much internet do you think I actually get in my old bus? How much do you want to bet that I'm willing to burn through my 5GB a month of data on my phone uploading photos to the cloud? This is why we need a local storage option and local photo processing option on Android tablets.

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