Sunday, January 31, 2016

What is KEH smoking?

This is a screenshot from today in which Amazon is charging $299 for an Olympus E-PL6. with 14-42 lens That sounds a pretty good deal to be honest but does not seem to be unusually cheap.
 I just added (today) the cost of a ratty old Olympus E-PL5 of unknown origin and an equally ratty old 14-42 lens of unknown origin. This is last year's version of the kit Amazon is selling new for $299. KEH wants - wait for it - $305. That's $6 more than a new model but for something that has been used, abused and probably shoved up a Orc's backside.

Seriously, what is KEH smoking? It must be truly mind-blowingly hallucinigenic for them to want more than the new price for something secondhand and legacy technology. The question is whether KEH is really in the business of selling cameras or whether they're running a hobby website.

As many of my readers know, money is extremely tight on this end of the blogsphere. So much so that I really shouldn't be considering buying anything - even food. Having said that, despite the fact I've been unable to pay any income tax this year (due to low income) or get the mandatory health insurance, I might be receiving a small tax refund. That would probably cover a few things like dental care, a trip to the optician or maybe a secondhand mirrorless camera. I might even be able to sell off the remains of my DSLR system too though I detest the horrendous waste of money it represents. Though at one time I had money, I was also in a very dark period in my life. Sadly, the Canon kit is inexorably linked to that dark period. Hence I have been looking at other cameras to replace it.

I had been considering secondhand until I saw KEH prices. At that rate, I might as well save money by buying new. At least with a new camera, I get a year's warranty and I know nothing bad has happened to it. I know it hasn't been used by an ebola patient or by a nuclear reactor worker, been stolen, fallen from 42,000 feet or been otherwise abused.

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