Monday, January 4, 2016

Twitter is censoring my tweets!

Ok, so it is not a particularly photographic post but it is - kinda - because my blog updates pass through Twitter via TwitterFeed. I've been finding my updates haven't been getting through reliably and have noticed that my Tweets of late have been hit or miss as to whether they go through.

Today I sent a tweet with the word "hag" in it and the tweet refused to send. I changed the word to "bag" and the tweet went through with no problem. The "hag" tweet still is refusing to transmit. This must be a recent update to Twitter as it only affects my tablet. My phone has not had a software update in a while as I turned them off because they waste so much data for so little gain. The tablet is new with the latest Twitter client.

I've noticed Twitter has been selective as to which tweets it will send for quite a while. I don't think there's any reason why I should be on anybody's naughty list. Certainly I didn't get any lumps of coal this Christmas. I am not a member of any terrorist groups (unless you call white male anglo-saxons a terrorist group).

Ooh... Perhaps I'm a terrorist because I agree with and support Donald Trump in his campaign to be President and agree with many of his more forthright opinions. Maybe I'm guilty of not being willing to bow down and worship the enemies of freedom. Perhaps I'm antisocial because I go from home to work and back every day and only go out socially once a month?

But the fact is that Twitter is censoring my tweets. This tweet today is proof positive. I'd been kinda suspecting my tweets have been being censored for a couple of weeks. I've had so many that have just refused to send - with no discernable reason other than the tone of some being a little stern.

Well, welcome to the New World Order. The jackboot of opression is here. Next there will be forced labor camps, state sanctioned murder, women being forced to leave education and to live as servile sex objects limited to lives spent cooking, cleaning and child bearing.

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