Friday, January 8, 2016

Another day in the useless world of DPReview

Years ago, a workmate summed forums up as wasting a lot of time, conveying minimum technical information and creating a lot of noise. I read the digital camera forums mostly for a good laugh. DPReview has to be the one that gives me the most laughs.

It transpired that somebody bought a 75-300 lens and a wide-angle converter with their camera. Now the 75-300 isn't the best for sharpness but it's adequate. When stopped down to f8, it's about as good as most other lenses. The silly billy then posted about it on a digital camera board instead of trying to work out how to get the best out of it.
Let's just say the recommendation to throw it all in the nearest river is about the most stupid suggestion I have ever encountered. Even if it's not possible to return equipment that the original poster clearly couldn't use, it would still be possible to sell it via eBay and it still might be usable for lower resolution photography or videography. The danger of posting something that stupid is that some guillable fool might actually do it.

I am rather glad that I'm not a member of any forums any more. I had to deal with assinine answers to practical questions. I need not have bothered because invariably after digging around I found every answer and more than I needed. All I had from forums was aggravation.

So, this is another typical day in the useless world of DPReview. Just for a laugh, I looked at some of the "reviews" of camera gear. Most read like sales brochures and the "test" photography was extremely uninspiring and unchallenging. Needless to say, the next question is - who owns DPReview? It seems pretty much to be an Amazon venture.

Interesting - a formerly independent camera review website owned by a camera retailler. How unbiassed is that likely to be? From the reviews, extremely biassed. From the "discussions" just a load of pillocks posting for the sake of posting.

My recommendation - give forums a miss as well as camera review sites.

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