Friday, May 2, 2014

Top ten items to carry in your camera bag

What are your top ten items to carry in a camera bag besides your camera? These can be for a variety of purposes. I'll list mine and give the reasons.
  1. A GPS unit - just in case I wander off the beaten track and cannot pick up cellphone reception. Most in-phone GPS facilities only work when there's a cellphone signal.
  2. A packet of wet wipes - these can be used for so many things.
  3. A small blower to blow dust off digital imaging sensors.
  4. A notepad, pencil and pencil sharpener for making notes on where I took photographs
  5. Business cards - for me, these are not actual "business" cards as there's no market for photography as a job - rather these are more contact cards so people know my name, phone number, email address, linked-in profile etc.
  6. A plastic bag and an elastic band. I can secure the elastic band around the bag and around the end of the lens, sealing the body and all but the front of the lens and lens hood against precipitation.
  7. Wooly gloves - when it's cold, these will keep your hands warm in order that you can retain flexibility in your fingers when you take them off to take the pictures.
  8. String - string is very useful - you can use it to temporarily secure wayward branches etc out of the way of the perfect picture.
  9. A Swiss Army knife. These come in for so many useful things. 
  10. A flashlight - in case a lens cap or something is dropped and you have to hunt for it in the dark.

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