Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Mall of Death - A great photo location

The Mall of Death, otherwise known as Richland Fashion Mall is a dying mall. The owners seem to be keeping it open in the hope of attracting tenants yet the only real tenants there are a clothes shop and a bookshop. I understand that the owners were so desperate that the bookshop was offered a rent free deal for a while. Bookshops are pretty much a dying breed as everybody turns to ebooks in the face of extremely high prices for the paper editions.

Google auto-stitched several cellphone images together for this photo which accounts for the strange tilt in the image. It does exemplify just how dead this mall is. This is the upper floor. The lower floor is just as dead. There are several attached car parks - some are multi-storey and they are like a ghost town. It's almost as though tumbleweed will blow through the place.

This would be a great place to shoot zombie photos. In fact, the car park was used, after hours, for a "fashion" photography session by one of the online photography groups. Whether they asked permission or not is unknown.

One day I will probably return to the Mall of Death with a real camera. I feel though that a cellphone camera is adequate for many things. To be honest, the cellphone camera is the camera I use 90% of the time. This could well be why traditional camera companies are struggling. The images of a cellphone are good enough most of the time. Dragging along a bulky chunky digital SLR for those few times when a cellphone won't produce good enough images just seems crazy.

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