Friday, May 23, 2014

Ken Rockwell

Sooner or later, the average person wishing to read about photography is going to hear about Ken Rockwell. There have been various claims made about Ken Rockwell. Most of those claims are probably based on envy.
Ken Rockwell has an apparently very successful website that seems not to run from advertising but from donations. Ken Rockwell's claim is that income from donations supports his entire family and lifestyle. Well, that might or might not be true - this is not something of any particular concern to anybody bar Ken Rockwell.

Various claims are made about Ken Rockwell, including that his contributions to photography are damaging and that he knows nothing etc. Basically the usual poisonous tripe that people full of envy spout. Ken Rockwell makes no bones about his site being solely personal opinions and personal reviews of cameras and lenses. There is nothing at all wrong with this. Ken Rockwell is just displaying his freedom of speech and freedom of expression and people are fully free to disagree with what Ken Rockwell says or the way it is said.

What is truly horrifying is the amount of sheer hatred that is displayed upon such edifices of the uneducated such as digital camera forums aimed at Ken Rockwell. Were the people that wrote such hateful messages to enact actions claimed then the police departments would be very busy and the jails very full.

Ken Rockwell's website is informative and full of openly honest opinion. Generally it is a website well worth reading and well worth casually viewing. There is nothing there that is blatantly wrong. There may be items that are debatable but that is the nature of photography. There are always several different ways to do everything. There is nothing wrong with Ken Rockwell or Ken Rockwell's opinions and ideas.

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