Monday, May 19, 2014

The Competition Winner

A few weeks ago there was a competition on the blog to identify four photographs shown in the videos. It was actually won by one of my clients. The four photographs were: Mata Hari, Margaret Thatcher, Camilla Parker Bowles and Eva Braun.

Mata Hari was a German spy who was executed by the British in 1917.
Margaret Thatcher was a former British Prime Minister, famous for being the first woman Prime Minister and for having the longest position as Prime Minister.
Camilla Parker Bowles was the concubine with whom Prince Charles reportedly cheated on his then wife Princess Diana and who subsequently became his wife.
Eva Braun was a German actress who married Adolph Hitler then committed suicide several days later.

The winner of the competition was Dixie Nash for whom I occasionally shoot videos. Dixie Nash is a book-keeper by day and the wild star of PG rated videos by night.

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