Thursday, April 30, 2015

Temporary hiatus

I've just moved house. As written before, I moved out of a rather run down apartment, close to the local jail. It was at the end of a dirt track with surrounding houses filled with multiple families. Next door to me was a house containing 3 families, all earning minimum wage and struggling to survive.

Out of curiosity I had a look into getting the free mobile phone given to people on low income when I was briefly unemployed after the company I worked for closed down. I discovered most of the residents seemed to have a free obamaphone.

The house was generally OK - very quiet with nothing untoward happening at all. It was overrun by cockroaches and spiders until the last year or so when a lizard took up residence. That would eat the roaches but had a tendency to dump the shells and legs in the corner of the room. There was a crack down the front door that let heat and insects in and gaps under the front and back doors.

Me, being me, I left the place all sparkling clean despite the fact its the landlords legal responsibility to clean after a tennant leaves. In fact, I probably did a far better job of cleaning than whoever cleaned the place before I moved in.

Anyway, photography is on hold for the moment while I work on the rest of my motorhome. Currently only the bedroom is truly usable though this weekend might see the bathroom and toilet area getting some major work. Its so much quicker to work on the motorhome when I'm not living 12 miles away from it. Thus, the pace of progress may well speed up.

Meanwhile, after a trip to the zoo with a group of friends, during which I had the opportunity to test out an Olympus OMD-M5, I came to the conclusion that was probably the way I wanted to go with photography. My Canon cameras are 10 years old but while they still work, lack some of the modern features that I'd love to use such as higher iso, built-in WiFi and built-in Bluetooth. Its a bit aggravating also to have two camera bodies when I really, truly, only want one.

Its also all about change and moving on from the past, minimizing on clutter and becoming more streamlined.

The crux is that there may be a short break of up to a few weeks while I construct the rest of my motorhome and work on changing camera systems.

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