Saturday, April 18, 2015

The battle for the bedroom

After a later than desired start due to indecision on how to proceed with the bed followed by a trip to Lowes in order to buy some 3 inch screws to put legs on the bed. After returning from Lowes, with the screws, 3 legs were installed on the bed.

The fourth leg was somewhat of an issue. The wheel arch is underneath the end of the bed at one side. I don't like having things flapping loose and couldn't screw a bracket through the wheel arch. Thus, the small ledge on the side of the bus that caused so many problems has come in as a support. Because I'd already put OSB above the ledge, a full piece of 2x4 would have been pointless. Thus, a piece of 2x2 was used.

At the moment the 3 attached legs are supporting the bed and the fourth leg is just propped into place. Tomorrow I'll pull the bed out and paint the underside and legs, the walls and floor by the bed and wait for it to dry. Monday morning or tomorrow evening, depending on how long the paint takes to dry, I'll screw the bed into place and make a start on painting the rest of the floor and lower walls.

The plan is to paint the lower walls and the bed, white. There will be doors and they will also be white. The pink is a little more intense than expected though quite pleasant. At some point I'll have to put a haning rail for clothes, a desk, a secondary partition at the end of the bed and some drawers. I suspect it's going to be better just to put Walmart's plastic chests of drawers in place rather than building sets of drawers in the bedroom.

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