Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why the post about a pink bedroom?

Simple - I screwed up. The post was originally destined for the bus blog. As many of my readers know, or should know, I run three blogs.
1. Http:\\ which is about building a motorhome out of a 20 year old school by us from Louisiana.
2. Http:\\ which is a blog about the travels of a British photographer in the USA.
3. Http:\\ which is a blog about photography from the perspective of a British photographer in the southern USA.

Going on from the pink bedroom, this particular bedroom is in a soon to be motorhome. This is intended to be a base from which travel photography can be undertaken.

Ever since I arrived in the USA about ten years ago, I've wanted to take photographs of fall foliage. Here, in South Carolina, the fall foliage has been little short of disappointing. Perhaps the best fall picture I have was taken a year or two back. It is, however, not quite what I really want from a fall photo.

About 20 years ago I saw an advert for a holiday in the USA. It was a case of spending around £1500 ($2250) to spend 14 days on a bus touring Virginia to see fall colors. These days with inflation, that would surely be about $5,000. The photos accompanying the advertising were gorgeous of a valley with a lovely old watermill surrounded by highly colored vegetation.

So, now you know why the pink bedroom is so important to a blog on photography.

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