Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Not forgotten and not gone

Dear readers, you have not been forgotten and this blog has not gone. Preoccupied as I am with constructing my home in an old school bus, I'm still alive. Indeed, every day that I awaken and upset somebody else by so doing is a good day.

Over these past few days, I've been considering my aims in photography and life in general. Although I'd love to sell my Canon cameras and lenses, several things arise in mind. The first is that I'd get an insultingly small amount for them. The second is that I've barely used the stuff. There's also the little matter that since any camera I replaced mine with would have software that's likely incompatible with my elderly macbook (which needs repair), I'd be looking likely at a new macbook too.

So, the financial side of modernization does not look too rosy. $1000 for a new macbook and $1500 for a new camera system, at a time when all my energy, not to mention money is going into building a home. Upgrading can wait.

Meanwhile, I went out with a local photo group to the zoo recently. Now it looks like they'll stop talking to me or letting me on their website if I don't attend a meeting and pay them $40. That'd be a shame. I have a problem with paying for a club membership when I cannot attend meetings due to work and when I can't actually see where the money goes.

In other news, somebody on one little photo group attacked me savagely saying I had been aggressive and had upset them. They persisted in their diatribe and I began to feel quite baffled as nothing I'd said was remotely out of place. I began to feel upset that they were so irate then I realized that I didn't have the problem. They did! I didn't know this person from Adam, had not said anything out of place and remembered and applied the old solution.... Trying.... Trying... Trying.... No good.... I can't manage to give a damn! Its all about power. Some people get their jollies from making others feel bad for no worthwhile reason. They look for some small thing and exploit it. As its online - I can't say I give a damn. So they did the equivalent of ignoring me online which I was very lax in not initiating by ignoring them.

So... Photo fights, photo clubs with rigid rules.... Pah! I go my own way. Look forward to some more photography as soon as the bus is done.

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