Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What no articles?

Yes, it has been a rather long time since I wrote a photography article. The truth is I've been incredibly busy for the past few months. Not only have I been working but I've moved house and been continuing my work to build my motorhome single handedly.

During the build process, during which I've been blogging about the build, I've noticed more people seem to click adverts on the bus build pages and view videos based on the bus build. Another interesting thing is that I seem to get far more hits on the bus build blog than this blog. I'm coming to the conclusion that because everybody with a cellphone has a camera that takes adequate photographs, less people are interested in photography than there were.

I'm still thinking of revamping my photography line up. I'm very happy to have offloaded all the stuff that was totally redundant. I'm almost ready to offload the remains but not quite. It still takes great photos and I was rather taken by the idea of changing to an Olympus mirrorless camera.

Before I fancied the Olympus, I did rather like the Nikon 1 system though is had failings. Now, some of those failings have been addressed in the latest iteration of the 1 system. Thus, its back to thinking about the 1 system again. I'm pretty sure the failings of the current 1 system cameras will be addressed in the next iteration. That gives breathing space.

The tide, I think, is turning against photography as a major hobby for many. Its so universal now that I rather suspect mirrorless cameras are part of the death rattle of the photography industry. Digital SLR cameras cost upwards of $500 each. The lenses cost upwards of $400 each. With mirrorless, the costs are lower but they're still easily beaten by the cost of a cellphone.

Purists will argue about image quality but for the vast majority of circumstances, cellphones provide images of adequate quality. Its only action and low light photography where bigger cameras excel. For the vast majority that doesn't care about sport or low light imaging, costlier cameras are a waste.

If I was starting again, would I get a system that would allow me to do more limited things than a truly comprehensive system? My blogs speak for themselves. What camera do I use the most? My cellphone! Now let's look at the top cameras used for flickr photography these days...

What a surprise! Phones - every single one of them. The point has come where photography has become what it always was meant to be. It is a method of sharing memories and views. It was never about art. Now the cost of a good camera is a cellphone, there's no need for all the expensive stuff. Now photography is universal, is there any interest in photography as an interest or is it now like reading in that everybody can read?

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