Friday, June 12, 2015

The worth of online searches

Ages ago, for reasons best left buried, I had a photography business. That business was called "SagePhotoWorld" when it was new. It never made a profit because I never could get anybody to view my work. At least that's what I read the problem to be. In fact the problem was more closely related to yesterday's blog, namely that people can do adequate photos on their cellphones.

Subsequently I renamed the business "British Photography" them closed it at the end of 2013. It is therefore quite amazing to find the business as of 2012 still listed online. I've done my best to remove all traces of it from the internet. Clearly it hasn't had much effect.

The website went years ago. The phone number also went years ago and the po box vanished this year.

The problem for the future is that since there is no way to correct the internet, nothing on the internet can be considered even to be mildly accurate. With increasing inaccuracy, its going to become the biggest pile of poo ever. In fact, it probably is already quite poo like!

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