Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Review of a cheapass tablet

My Nexus 7 did the dirty on me the other day. It started constantly freezing so I did a factory reset and found the restore partition had been deleted by whoever refurbished it for walmart. I'd bought it in October of last year and it's now December of this year. Just out of warranty lol. Anyway, it died.

In the meantime I ordered the 16GB RCA 7" tablet with a keyboard. The tablet outperforms my Nexus on just about every level save three. Some of the apps I used to use won't work on my RCA but that's fine. The only two I can think of or have discovered so far that don't work are the "what to wear" app (which was good for a laugh) and Blogeroid but I've replaced those two with better apps. I've also not bothered installing the games I had because I'd stopped playing them anyway. 

The screen is the biggest difference. It's lower resolution, has a narrower viewing angle and isn't quite as vibrant. Ideally I`d like to replace the Nexus but for $55 you really can't complain. Especially since it comes with a keyboad.

The keyboard is a hard clamshell thing that works really well. Unlike my previous keyboards, this works really well. The sole issue is that it maintains the tablet-keyboard at about 50 degrees. It"s not the ideal angle to view the screen.

Battery life is excellent however the charging port is another one of those lousy micro USB things. The older style pin connectors were far superior in longevity.

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