Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to become the best photographer in ten easy steps

It is every photographers dream to be the best, to be universally admired and to earn money from photography. How is this achieved? How can you, the humble amateur achieve such heights of excellence and greatness? Simple - follow the following ten steps...

1. Tear up and forget any notion that you will ever feel better than anybody else for there will always be somebody whose photographs you will see as better and which other people will like more. 
2. Realise that unless you have low standards you will always feel that your photographs could be better, could be improved etc.
3. Realise that wherever you look somebody will have something nasty to say about you or your photographs.
4. Acknowledge all of the above and that other people"s opinions are just pure baloney.
5. Just head out and take photographs.
6. Experiment, take risks, try things. If the photo sucks, you can keep it, delete it or whatever.
7. Remember that the photos you take are special because they are a reflection of you, of your personality, of your style.
8. Remember you don't have to copy anybody else's style, subjects or ideas. 
9. Remember you have you own unique vision, style and interpretation.
10. Accept you are the best photographer already in your world.

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