Friday, July 3, 2015

Top ten reasons to close your Facebook account immediately.

Following on from my last post, it transpired that Facebook had my account flagged as some manner of fake, which is really strange considering most things on Facebook are pretty fake. As an example, I know people with 2, 3 or more accounts, all in different names. I know people who have accounts for their dogs and even for stuffed fluffy toys! None of those are remotely "real". There are even accounts floating around where the account owner has died and yet the account has not been removed. How would those accounts face an authenticity challenge?

Reasons to delete your Facebook account:
1. Facebook is an advertising and marketing juggernaut that will use and sell data to any government or organization it can make money from.
2. Facebook is one of the biggest Republican bludgeons of all time with a typically Republican lack of morality.
3. Employers and workmates trawl Facebook, looking for reasons to fire employees.
4. Privacy - you cannot expect privacy if you're willing to put your private life online.
5. Accountability - Facebook conveniently ignores national laws and constitutional rights, hiding behind a myriad of dodgy offshore data centers.
6. Facebook sides with online bullies who will report an account as fake while ignoring complaints about pornographic postings or harassment.
7. Facebook allows bucket loads of spam. There are literally hundreds of apps that churn out nothing but spammed invitations.
8. Facebook is the biggest time suck ever. People will sit down for five minutes and two hours later are still reading what uncle bubba had for breakfast.
9. Facebook is an addiction that gets people fired. At work, I've seen people with the Facebook app on their phones, sneaking their phones out to check Facebook every few minutes. I've seen them being given oral and written reprimands and even seen them being fired for their addiction.
10. Membership of Facebook actively erodes privacy and human rights because it becomes OK for whatever Facebook wants. People will go along with it as long as they can keep their Facebook habit going!

Here's the kicker... After I wrote and told Facebook they could keep their nasty account, they had the cheek to respond with this...

Clearly nobody read my response as this is a 100% automated posting. I'm very tempted to make up a fake ID and send it because I wouldn't mind betting the "checking" is done by a computer that just reads the wording in a photo. Wouldn't that be a scream? To be honest though, I'm not going to bother.

Without Facebook, I'm not constantly online at home. I actually turn my computer off. I have no need to keep checking what people I know and don't know are up to. None of my immediate family uses Facebook. They use email, telephone and old fashioned post. Many of my friends don't bother with it either. I'm even getting more done. The downside is I can't advertise my blog as much. On the other hand, Facebook advertising did not increase blog revenue noticeably. Financially, Facebook was nothing and a time soak.

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