Wednesday, July 15, 2015

One Million views!

Wow! I never thought my blog would be so popular. I guess it's time for the usual thank-you round like they do at the Emmies etc. So thank you, aunty Maud's left knee, thank you to the big tin of spaghetti that lurks uneaten in my closet and thank you Donald Trump for wearing the scariest attack wig I've ever seen. Really, I know exactly how I'd have done it all without any of you!

Seriously, a few moments ago, views clicked over from 999,999 to 1,000,000. I'm impressed that my blog has become so popular especially given that over the last 12 months posts have become so spartan due to my concentration on building my own home rather than taking photos.

Speaking of photos, I've been watching some entertaining shouting matches (can't really call them arguments nor debates) on the merits of different camera types. Basically the arguments go...
Cellphones are great because the photos are good and can be uploaded instantly.
Micro four thirds are great because they're smaller than digital SLRs and pretty much as good image wise.
Digital SLRs are great because they look impressive and have good image quality.

Now the reality is that people don't have a clue what they're talking about. For most purposes, cellphones are probably the best camera because they're lightweight and provide excellent image quality.

Bigger cameras come in more for long exposures, low light photography, action photography and peeping Tom photography where long lenses are needed. Conveniently ignored by the screaming masses are larger format digital cameras.

Really and truly though, cellphone image quality is more than adequate for 90% of photography. This is why compact digital sales collapsed and compact digitals sent off the market. Mirror less compacts were introduced to head off the decline in camera sales by offering a more convenient option than a DSLR. It's not enough though as phone cameras are just so darned good.

A few months ago I sold off most of my DSLR equipment. I kept two bodies that each cost over $1000 new that now, I'd get maybe $40 each if I sold them and a couple of lenses. The original expenditure of around $8,000 got me $1,000 approximately. I'm glad I sold it all though I should never have allowed myself to be talked into starting a business of such dubious prospects as photography.

In the old days, photography required knowledge and skill. These days with auto everything, there's no skill needed and an amateur with zero knowledge can pick up a camera and take a phenomenal photo. Now, that can be achieved with a simple cellphone.

This photo was taken off a back deck in a heavy rainstorm with poor lighting with my cellphone. Could a more expensive DSLR or interchangeable lens compact have taken a better quality image? I doubt it. The point is that for all save very specialised applications, DSLRs and interchangeable lens compacts are beginning to look increasingly like Dodos. Indeed, I love photography but 99.9% of my photography these days is done with a cellphone. I bring out the DSLR only when I want to do the kooky off the wall photos that can't be done with a cellphone such as this.

My question is, in the face of competition from cellphones, what are camera makers going to do? WiFi, Bluetooth and nfc are not going to save cameras from the Grim Reaper. Bulk is killing them and lack of instant upload ability. I suspect some form of built in photo editor is needed together with upload via a built in cellphone connection.

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