Thursday, July 9, 2015

The great leader?

The adulating crowds gather around, waiting expectantly for their charismatic leader to appear. Slowly he appears from the balcony to a trumpet fanfare and cries of "we serve" roar throughout the crowd. Dissenters are summarily pounces upon, beaten and ejected.

Measures are announced where all members are required to have their photographs on file, their phone numbers, their addresses, their associates names and their own personal location at all times. All members marital status, sexuality and personal likes are recorded. Most information will be publicly available for all to use for their own ends. Information such as addresses and current location will be made available to anybody in exchange for money.

Translate "we serve" into German which would be "Zeig Heil". Translate " leader " into German which would be "Führer". Look into history where dissent was destroyed and ignored. Look into history to see how Hitler provided for all his people's entertainment and leisure needs, how children were catered for by youth movements.

Look also at Hitler's aim to unite the world under a Swastika. Now look to see how the world is united with the same blinkered fervor under a flag that says "F". Notice how dissent is suppressed by adulatory masses.

Look at how Hitler included everybody, embracing everybody then dealing viciously with dissent. Look at the way he bought public opinion with opulent acts of charity.

Am I the only person that finds Facebook to be sinister? Am I the only person to see the Führer of Facebook to have potential to be easily the most evil person on the planet?

Facebook has data on around quarter of the world's population. That's more than the KGB, CIA and Mossad combined. Already that information is for sale to marketers. Who is to say marketers are who they say? This database has power and absolute power to be a devastating tool for evil.

Is the Führer the new evil the world must confront? Is Facebook the new 4th Reich? How bitterly will people regret giving the evil empire as much personal data? How soon will Facebook show its true colors as the ultimate evil or will people remind blindly suckered into it?

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