Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The downsizing decision

There's a company in Atlanta called KEH that buys and sells photographic equipment. I've used them before but always for buying. They send me emails every now and then. The last email was that they were going to be in Charlotte and the email before they were going to be in Chattanooga. Apparently they're going to be in Aiken sometime too. What they do is to buy cameras at events. This is quite useful for me as I don't entirely trust UPS, FedEx or USPS and a sales conversation needs eye to eye contact.

Thus, I returned to my thoughts of selling equipment. I have several lines of thought. One is that I should sell the stuff that I absolutely don't use such as my flashes as they do represent a big investment. Certainly I'll only get a small portion of the purchase price back but honestly I'm at the point when I just want shot of them and the memories they evoke.

Similar memories surround pretty much all of the rest of the equipment. Some I will definitely consider a little bit of a loss but I think it's probably time to move forward and clean house. I absolutely don't need two camera bodies. Only a professional needs two bodies.

My thoughts regarding the potential sale are to sell just the stuff I don't use or to sell the whole bally lot and start afresh with one of the mirrorless systems. Being in my late forties doesn't mean I'm over the hill. It just means I have come to my senses. I certainly would not pay big bucks and ever buy new equipment again. That's a sheer waste of money! It just really bugs me that one camera I paid $1,250 for will only get $125 back for me, especially since it has hardly ever been used. Somebody's going to have a real bargain there!

As I've said before, the money pit that lark turned out to be really hurts me and it hurts that somebody I trusted implicitly would have scammed me into such a stupid lark. It just rubs salt into the wounds that vast sums of money have been literally piddled away.

The plan is either to sell the whole lot or just the bits I never ever use. On the whole, I'm thinking of selling the whole bally lot and go mirrorless. From what I see of mirrorless, they're more compact, lighter and more up to date. My existing cameras were made in 2005/6 and a lot has happened in the past 9/10 years. Even if I buy a camera dating back two years there will have been a huge leap forward in technology. I wouldn't mind betting the image quality is far superior. The resolution should be double at least. 8 megapixels has been perfectly adequate for me but it'll be nice to see what 16 or 24 will do for me.

Heaven knows, I might even be able to sell that silly Canon Selphy printer that just gathers dust. That was bought for a facepainting and photography venture that never happened because without exception, all the facepainters I have ever met have turned out to be complete flakes.

I have a feeling that if I go to Charlotte, I'll be selling everything and starting afresh. That will be a wonderful breath of fresh air, to be honest.

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