Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cloudy sky

Yesterday for the first time in six months, I actually went outside with my camera. This was a 30 second exposure with the camera placed on a tree stump and 1600 ISO selected. Sadly, it was too cloudy to get a really good star photo but it's a good attempt.

What I would have liked to have achieved is one of the really colorful photos of a black sky with the stellar purple gas clouds. Apparently the technique involves a high ISO, a long exposure and a wide, fast lens.

My attempt used a 17-35 lens at f2.8 as it's the fastest lens I have. The ISO was set at 1600 and the camera placed on a tree stump facing upwards. There was a little light pollution but not too much.

On the whole, it's not a bad phot but it's not what I wanted to achieve. On the other hand, it is only my 2nd attempt at this kind of photography.

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