Sunday, May 22, 2016

iPad on day 2

Looking at the software available for iPad, there's a glaring gap... There just is no suitable app for blogging. Certainly I have tried a blogging app. As can be seen by yesterday's efforts, the big problem is that the app ignored all my nice paragraphing. There was no solution other than to uninstall the app.

How am I blogging now? Simple. I am using the email approach to blogging. Blogger allows me to email updates of up to 10 MB in size. And of course one of the nice things about the iPad is that I can just dictate my blog entries which is a lot faster. Unlike Android it actually makes sense of what I'm saying. Android never could quite understand English as it is spoken.

On the whole I am very impressed by my Apple iPad. In times of mistakes, it doesn't make a lot when I'm dictating. I probably have to correct about one sentence in every three. Android couldn't understand anything half the time. This is not an Android bashing session; this is merely comparison between my experience of the android on the iOS devices.

Yesterday , I ordered a gizmo to read my camera memory using Wi-Fi. That should make a huge difference. Now, one of the questions I had was whether I should continue blogging using Google blogger or whether I should change to Wordpress. For the moment, it makes sense to continue with the Google blog. This of course is a downside to not using my own domain name for the blog. Had I used my own domain name then I would be able to switch blog hosts at the drop of a hat. As my blogs still do not make very much money even though they carry Adsense, there seems little purpose in spending money on a domain name. My typical AdSense income seems to be less than a dollar a month. A domain name, even a cheap one would cost about $10 a year. That is not going to finance itself. As I have said many times before in this blog I am totally done with financing the Internet. I don't pay for web hosting. I don't pay for domain names. I don't pay for anything that does not return more money than I am spending on it. This is particularly so regarding the Internet.

If you haven't considered an iPad, maybe you too need to come out of your shell! The entry price can be as low as $250 for a full sized iPad Air. That's about what you'll blow on cheap Android tablets every year.

The only thing I don't like about email blogging is that I can't add search descriptions and tags. I can include photos however and get them correctly formatted. Even the dictation seems to work.

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