Monday, May 2, 2016

Competition Time!

For a bit of fun, my local camera club announced a competition last month. The closing date for entries is tomorrow. That being said - I left it late to do my entries so late that I've not been able to give them the attention due.

For the first two weeks I just procrastinated. Well, what with an exhausting job and countless ailments caught off the urchins at work, I've not had a sweet and rosy time. Indeed, I have barely been able to attend to my main project of building my home.

Anyway, the competition was a combinations competition. The first photo was of a book, an envelope and a pen. I spiced it up a little! The second was a sign, a lamp and a phone - that was by far the easiest. The last was a box, a kitchen sink and a pair of shoes. There were of course many more items on the list including a squirrel. I could have shot a squirrel and put the corpse in a photo easily but I'd rather not kill for frivolous things.


Well, hope you enjoyed the photos. I've been rather preoccupied with various things of late. Of course, despite having had a tax refund, I've been a good little boy and have not actually spent any of it. I'd kinda like to get a secondhand mirrorless camera in order to take better night sky photos. I'd like to get my Macbook working again and I'd like to get a replacement for my two defunct tablets. That's all going to cost money however and money is in short supply and about to become incredibly short supply due to work ending in a little over a month.

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