Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Price fixing or an illegal cartel?

As many of my readers know, I'm interested in taking night sky images. In order to do this I need to add to or change my existing equipment. It seems that a new lens or a new camera or a different camera/lens combination all come to around the same price. I have thus been very interested by the Olympus micro-four thirds system on the basis of quality and convenience.

During my investigations I found that everybody is selling exactly the same package for exactly the same price. Now tell me there is no Olympus sponsored cartel or some form of price fixing! For prices to be this close - to the penny, there has to be some form of price fixing!

Interestingly, nobody is selling the camera as a body only option or an option that includes a good lens. The kit lens is pretty weak and is what kills any deal for me. I'd be interested solely in a wide lens between 8mm and 12mm or a zoom that went from 12mm approx to 45mm approx.

Well, I still can't do anything without money. I just have to wait until I get my motorhome sorted out.

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