Thursday, February 25, 2016

Are you still sweating the small stuff?

Today, just before work, I killed a few minutes reading the latest bilious outpourings on some of the photo forum thingies. They're always good for a laugh. It's really hard to believe that people are stupid enough to say the things they do and then to put their names to it! In fact, it's very like Facebook in that people will post the stupidest things then be very surprised that what they say online can be traced back to them in reality. It's like the criminals that brag about their crimes online then are surprised when they get caught but I digress.

Lots of comments on the forum thingies indicate that way too many people spend way too much time sweating the really small and inconsequential stuff. It doesn't matter if your lipstick and nails aren't exactly the same shade of cerise. It doesn't matter what camera you have. It doesn't matter what other people say, think or do. It only matters what you do. 

By way of example, somebody was complaining about what one of the other bloggers had written on their blog. Blogs are opinions and personal views/experiences. This blog is no exception to this rule. This created a furious debate that looked pretty angry. I could almost hear people pounding their keyboard and thumping their desks in anger. But anger over what? A series of 1s and 0s transmitted over a phone line! It is totally absurd that people get so bent out of shape over such small things. It reminds me of the furore a few months ago when the head of one of the big black equality groups was dicovered to be white. Did it make a difference? No - it did not - she could have continued doing the job she had been doing yet she was pressured into resigning. It's all totally ludicrous.

I look around me and wonder when I see the rest of the human race whether God accidentally put me in the pan galactic lunatic asylum rather than where I was supposed to go. The photography forum "contributors" pretty much confirm that the world is a lunatic asylum.

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