Saturday, September 12, 2015

Photography scam\spam\whatever

Today I received an email, purportedly from Google AdWords. That was pretty strange to be honest, given that I had not used AdWords in over 3 years. Look at the graph.

I last used AdWords when I was attempting to make photography into something more than the nickel and dime affair it truly is. Looking at the graph, the last time the account was used was in 2012. Indeed, 2012 was the year I dumped the domain name - when it was due for renewal.

The strange email said,:

     Customer ID: xxx-xxx-xxxx


     This is an important warning to tell you that your AdWords account is
at risk of being suspended due to violations of our advertising policies.
If suspended, your account will no longer run ads.

      Effect on your account

     Your AdWords accounts are at serious risk of suspension if your ads or
sites continue violating our advertising policies. Once your account is
suspended, your ads will no longer run, your related AdWords accounts will
be suspended, and you will not be able to open any new accounts.

     Read more about our suspension policies at

     -- What you can do

     Here is what you will need to do to prevent your account from being

      1. Make the necessary changes to your ads and sites that currently
violate our policies. We have listed some examples below.

      Please note that the following actions will not resolve the policy
violation: pausing ads, campaigns, or ad groups; deleting ads that promote
disabled sites.

      2. Resubmit your corrected ads and sites for us to review.

      3. Make sure that, going forward, all of your ads and sites comply
with our advertising policies:

     -- Policy violations to fix

     Here are some ads and/or sites that violate our policies. Please note
that this list is not exhaustive and serves only to illustrate some of the
policies that your ads and sites have violated.


      Date of violation: 2014-10-11
      Policy violation: Webmaster Guidelines violations
      Details & instructions:

     If you believe there has been an error, we want to help. Find out how
to contact us by visiting: (you
will see our available support channels and hours listed there).

     The Google AdWords Team

     Please do not reply directly to this message, as it was sent from a
notification-only email address that does not accept incoming email.
Instead, please use the contact link included above.


Unsubscribe from policy-related emails for the account associated with

Now how can a website cancelled in 2012 be in violation of any terms and conditions? Furthermore why has it taken AdWords from 2014-10-11 which I presume means September 10th, 2014 until today - September 12th 2015 to send an email?

Given that the email had the correct account number I can only assume Google has been hacked.

As far as AdWords is concerned, that was such a dismal failure that I never wanted another nickel on AdWords. As far as I can recall, the hits counted by AdWords for billing were greater than the hits Google's own analytics recorded on the website.

I haven't paid any heed to what domain names I've abandoned have been doing. There's just no point. As far as that AdWords account is concerned and AdWords in general, I couldn't care less if they fell under a fast moving train. Indeed, I might even give them a gentle shove to make sure they ended up under the train!

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