Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blooming heck!

$300 just to get the possibility of a decent night sky photo! That's if I kept on using the existing Canon stuff.

Now the main reason I don't use my Canon kit is due to bulk and weight. It's also not quite as flexible as I'd like. When I do use it, the bulk of carrying two lenses plus a body, all of which needs to be carried in a backpack doesn't lend itself to ease of use.

Since 2005 when I bought my cameras, technology has marched forward. ISO values have risen, image quality has improved and image sizes have exploded. Camera sizes have shrunk and new features have been introduced.

Is it all worth selling my existing sytstem for? Well, I think I'd get probably enough to get a micro four thirds system secondhand and with similar focal length lenses. I'd get a system small enough to carry in vest pockets that wouldn't need a camera bag. That's always worthwhile!

The big bonus is that even if the existing 14-42 lens wasn't quite fast enough, a better lens is not $300 but less than $200! Now that gives rise to an interesting third option. To get a mirrorless camera and an appropriate lens to use to evaluate which way to go. Actually, I tend to prefer the security of that option. For less than the cost of a Canon lens I could get a micro four thirds camera and a lens!

In terms of cost, mirrorless bodies have plummeted in value to such an extent that they're pretty cheap. It really is a very interesting time.

Yesterday I mentioned checking eBay to see about selling my Canon stuff. I looked and they go for way less than even a dealer would pay! My experience of eBay is that it's a place of last resort. If you absolutely cannot sell anywhere else and you can get a free listing on eBay, it might sell. Got to be careful about their deceitful postage though as the post office charges more than eBay claims and eBay won't allow you to charge the correct postage.

Clearly, whichever way I go, I'm going to have to put out extra money. That's not going to happen. It thus looks very much as though nice night sky photos will have to remain a dream. It also looks like I'm stuck with Canon as the cameras are totally unsalable. And, of course, I never use them.

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