Monday, August 25, 2014

Notice of appearance in court‏

Notice of appearance in court‏

Notice to Appear ( 3:01 AM
To: <withheld>

 Notice to Appear (
Thu 8/21/14 3:01 AM

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Notice to Appear,

The copy of the court notice is attached to this letter. Please, read it thoroughly.
Note: If you do not attend the hearing the judge may hear the case in your absence. 
Truly yours,
Clerk to the Court,
Nancy Mason
Highly entertaining. Sometimes I just find spam to be hugely entertaining. The idea of somebody wanting me to download a zip file (probably containing a Windows virus) with a supposedly scary message like that just cracks me up. I suppose somebody would have fallen for it - despite the fact that all summonses in every country have to be served by an actual human who will bear as witness that the act has been performed.
Lustful single chick who stays in your area to do absolutely everything for you!‏

Kayla ( Add to contacts 8/20/14
To: <withheld>

 Kayla (
Wed 8/20/14 1:03 PM

Zippy single chica residing in your area to go wild with lust with you!
<website removed>
The idea that somebody should be lustful and who wants to stay in my area to do absolutely everything for me is also very amusing. The last person that did everything for me was my mother, when I was a baby. Since then I have learned to wear shoes and not make messes in the house. Of course, I could always hire a maid who would do all that for me without being lusty. Somehow I think my girlfriend would disapprove of my having a lusty maid.
Your business is underperforming!‏ ( 8/20/14 Newsletters
To: <withheld>
From: ( Microsoft SmartScreen classified this message as junk.
Wed 8/20/14 4:29 AM
To: <withheld>
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Hmm... I didn't know I had a business. Maybe that's why it's underperforming? Well, if it's underperforming so badly that it's not making me any money nor costing me any money then I think I'll just continue on as normal.

Date a Boatload of Single Women…‏
AnastasiaDate ( 8/20/14 NewslettersTo: <removed>
From: AnastasiaDate ( Sent:Wed 8/20/14 4:16 AMTo:<removed>
Hello <removed>!Ahoy there Popeye,
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A boatload of single women? How big is this boat? Is it a rowing boat? Is it a toy boat? Is it a canoe? Is it the Titanic? It sounds like it could well be the Titanic. It also sounds expensive.

We all get junkmail and it's such a laugh to read through it all sometimes. Full marks for today's load of baloney. It kept me entertained for a full five minutes before I pressed delete on it all. The sad thing is that a small minority of people are stupidly going to fall for all that rubbish. Didn't PT Barnum say "there's one born every day". It's so true. There are so many so very obvious scams that people have to be fools to fall for them. It's not something I can quite wrap my head around.

Meanwhile, as it's now heading toward election season, I expect our inboxes will rapidly fill with garbage from electoral spam machines just as our telephones ring with voice spam from the electoral voice spam machines. Every time I get spam from a candidate, I strike them off the list of people I'd vote for.

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