Sunday, August 3, 2014

Generally disappointing figures

I have just checked the figures for readership of my publications. They're disappointing to say the least. The papers have been running for 4 weeks which seems ample to discover their worth. The figures are:
  • Zephod's Travel Gazette 19 viewers (basically you, me and a can of baked beans)
  • Zephod's Sunday Gazette 25 viewers and one email subscriber (Hello Mrs Thomas).
  • Zephod's South Carolina Gazette 22 viewers (I think the can of baked beans went on holiday)
  • Zephod's Photo Gazette 77 viewers. This actually looks promising.
  • Zephod's Medical Gazette 21 viewers (I think the can of baked beans took a friend on holiday)
  • Zephod's Governor Watch 67 viewers. I'm surprised the antics of South Carolina's elected dictator amuses so many people.
  • Zephod's Business Gazette 23 viewers (The can of baked beans returned and brought a friend)
  • Zephod's Book Gazette 17 viewers (I suspected a lot of people don't read after 3rd grade).
Clearly, the Governor watch (which is daily) is probably coming out too often. This is something I can make weekly. That might help.

Zephod's Photo Gazette was originally known as Zephod's Gazette. It looks like it's time to re-rename it back to its original name.

As for the other papers, it seems to make sense just to delete them which is pretty much what I'm going to do. I'm reducing the Governor Watch to one day a week and the Photo Gazette will become simply the Gazette. The rest I will just delete. It's a shame because they're all good publications. Having said that, they're not attracting readers and are cluttering up my Twitter feed.

Thus, by the time this has been read, the offending papers will have been deleted. Across my other Twitter accounts, the picture is similar. Only two papers are getting really good readers. One is a very special interest medical paper and the other is a professional medical paper. Those are doing really well.

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