Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why a Blackberry probably isn't a good choice for photography

I am guilty. I had a Blackberry. For email it was pretty good. The screen was minuscule and the keyboard gave rise to an RSI injury called Blackberry Thumb. For a bit of fun, I took the blackberry with me when I went to Britain. The photos it created are pretty appalling. On the other hand, the little town in Wales where I tried it out as a camera (thank goodness I had my real camera with me) proved that it was just as appalling for photography as it was for pretty much everything else save emails.
Needless to say, the town I went to was a fairly rough seaport town with huge drugs and alcohol problems.

The overall grottiness of the camera pretty much suits this picture. I have no idea what sin city is but it sounds like a brothel. Knowing the town, it probably is.

Since abandoning the town when I left to live in the US in 2005, it seems to have sunk more into the depths of depravity than I can even imagine. Just about every other shop seems to be a gambling den, a brothel, a bar or a sex shop.

There we are, what did I say - a gambling den. It's very interesting that in poor areas, vice is the main preoccupation of the population.

Hard to believe but in 2012 when I visited this little town in Wales, there was an HMV present. That's probably become another bookie, brothel, bar or pawnbroker by now.

It probably didn't help that the entire time I was in this town, it was either raining, threatening to rain or foggy. This is one of the problems with seaside towns.

A brothel. I believe there are quite a few of these sordid establishments around Britain. The only good thing is it concentrates all the hookers, pimps and Johns in one place - handy for the police to round them up.

Two pawnbrokers shops in one small town. Right next door, a prepay mobile phone shop. This does not look great.

Yet another gambling establishment.

Since I was last there, the central bus station had undergone a complete transformation and I didn't feel like I was going to get mugged going in there. At least that's how I felt until I saw the price to visit a toilet there. I was lucky to leave with my scalp intact!

The central market where locals flock to buy overpriced, elderly produce that's been sprayed with glycerine to make it look shiny and fresh.

Finally, a Baskin Robbins. What on earth is that doing in such a dump of a town? Did somebody misplace it on the map and accidentally drop it there? I can't understand this at all.

This is a travel photo entry that didn't make it to my travel blog due to the general grottiness of the photography. Instead it remains on my photo blog as a classic example of why one should never use a low-quality cellphone camera. Compare the photos above with the one below from my Nexus 4. There's quite a difference. I would be and am happy to post photos from my Nexus as actual photography.

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