Friday, March 14, 2014

What kind of photographer are you?

The Texas tourist. The Texas tourist is ready for trouble and often sports a zoom compact and a .45 single action. Texas tourists don't take nothing off nobody nohow.

The urban tourist. The urban tourist is out to have fun and take photos with their friends but is prepared for things to go bad as they can in a second in a city. The Urban tourist carries a 9mm automatic and a zoom compact.

The Papparazzi - the Paparazzi photographer is ready for action. He carries a single camera and travels light. He is prepared to slip into a function and to defend himself if things go sour. His 9mm slips nicely into his pocket without causing an unsightly bulge.

The photo journalist. The photojournalist can be sent into inner cities where the threat of violence is everywhere. The photo journalist carried a well protected camera bag and a .357 Magnum in case some meth-head won't leave him alone.

The Urban enthusiast - he likes to take photos for fun. He is well aware of how bad cities can get. Perhaps in his wanders he accidentally wanders into a bad area - easily done. He carries a .357 Magnum to ensure he gets out alive.

The Prepared photographer. This guy means business. Not only does he have his well protected camera and a .357 Magnum. He is also prepared for attack by wild animals or drug runners. This photographer can generally be found along the Southern US border, prepared to deal with drug dealers or on the Northern border, prepared to deal with Canadian insurgents.

What kind of photographer are you?

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