Friday, December 13, 2013

vampirestat, zombiestat, ADSENSEWATCHDOG, 7SECRETSEARCH, pornhub, Villainstat, Uglystat

So what are vampirestat, zomiestat, ADSENSEWATCHDOG, 7SECRETSEARCH, pornhub, Villainstat and Uglystat? They seem to be spam bots. I have absolutely no idea why I am suddenly getting loads of hits from them as I do not visit them. Sure as Hell though, I'm getting a ton of hits from them.

Yesterday, these are the hits:
250 vampirestat
74   zombiestat
45   pornhub
65   Villainstat
679 Uglystat

I suspect I might have clicked on these annoyances at some time even though I have no memory of ever visiting them. Oddly enough they seem to hit this website but not any of my others. Thus it cannot be as one commentator suggested, a virus or malware. Aside from the fact that Macs don't suffer from viruses and malware like PCs do, I don't enter my root password when prompted.

Macs have a wonderful security feature - if software is to be installed I have to enter my root (administrator) password. I do that ONLY when I want to install software. It thus cracks me up when I go to a website and it attempts to download .exe files to my Mac. Macs don't take .exe files. They take .dmg files. Similarly, when a website starts "scanning" my C drive, I start laughing because Macs don't have a C drive. The drive is named after the user. 

So what are these God-awful websites that seem to be following me all the time? Apparently they are just there to generate spam followers. If I enter the website with none of the daft codes, it takes me to a different website other than that listed. My suspicion is that these sites have been set up by the people that peddle website hits. They spam every blog in existence with fake hits in the hope of attracting the blog owner and getting them to investigate what the hits are. Thus they get hits for the people that have paid for hits. Clicking on these sites therefore is aiding and abetting fraud so don't do it!

These websites are awarded the thumbs down!

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