Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas to all my readers.

It's that time of year again. It seems to come every year. We have people buying expensive gifts and spending more money than they normally ever would on things that people don't really need. 

The spirit of the holiday has been all but lost in today's world. Originally, the 21st was the winter solstice - when the day was the shortest. This was celebrated as the turning point of the year from when days would become longer. Later, this was hijacked by the Christians and Christmas Day was celebrated as the birth of Christ, despite the fact it was in February. This was done in order to attract the Pagans from Paganism into Christianity.

I'm not a great celebrator of Christmas. I like a little that reminds me of Christmas but don't like to go overboard. I like a Christmas tree and Christmas cards. Christmas food is good too - at Christmas. This Christmas I didn't feel like putting up my 2 foot tall tree and decorations so I bought a 6 inch high LED tree that runs off a USB power supply. For me, Christmas is about the people I know. It's also about peace and quiet.

The photo above is my little $4 LED Christmas Tree that I have on my desk. It changes color so I put my camera on a tripod and took ten photos of it as it changed color. Focus was set on the first image and locked for all the rest. It reminds me of Christmas and is up from now until 12th night. I celebrate Christmas from December 25th until January 6th. For me, it's more a continuation of family tradition that anything else. I think back to the Christmases I had when I was very small. I remember those happy times. 

I Looked first at miniature trees in November and saw this one (below) but it had gone when I bought mine, which was a shame as I prefer it.
So, to all my readers, a happy Christmas. May you receive everything you wished for others last year. May all my readers have a happy, peaceful Christmas with a safe, profitable and healthy New Year. May everybody survive Christmas and bounce back rejuvenated for the forthcoming year. May those that I don't get along with or haven't got along with whomsoever they may be, go forth in peace and tranquility.

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