Monday, November 18, 2013

Three photos

Below are three photographs I took today, casually out of the window of my car. One was taken with a cellphone. One was taken with a Canon XT digital SLR with the 18-55 kit lens another was taken with my Nexus 4 cellphone and the last was taken with an 8 year old Canon S1 IS compact. I really haven't bothered with photo editing them. I converted one from RAW to JPEG but the others were straight JPEG. Aside from some color differences, there seems little at this resolution to choose between them.

I am not even going to say which image is which. Look at them and tell me that given some image editing (more than I ever do) you could actually tell the difference between the images. I am going to say that you cannot clearly identify which is which.

Your homework for the night is to work out which image is which. Contact is as normal via  @valkyrie_2. I am going to bet that at a glance you just cannot tell the difference between the images. This is of course my whole point.

People are buying phones with cameras and using them for everything because the cameras are so damned good. When I see the quality available from cellphones I question many things about the worth of digital compacts and even digital SLRs. What's the first camera you pick up to do ebay with? Your cellphone. What's the first camera on the scene of an accident - a cellphone. This is why we have so many articles about the death of newspaper photography. The reporters can get out there with their iPhones and do a better job and for far less than the photographers used to do.

I predict that in a few years, cellphones will be the choice of the amateur photographer as well as the casual snapper. I further predict that digital SLRs will become very expensive premium items used solely by the very few surviving professional photographers. The professional photographer will become something of an anomaly.

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