Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dog tired

It is hard to imagine how tired I get working an 8 hour day with the public, in sales then coming home to study a course for a few hours and also work on a blog. I have no time whatsoever to run a photography business as well.

Today I had a great compliment or perhaps it wasn't. Somebody stated that taking photography seriously was not mutually exclusive to having a great blog. Now that could have been a rhetorical comment or it could have been praise for my blog. I'm going to say that there's a fair chance that somebody enjoys reading my blog. Time for a quick brag that my blogs have received over a thousand visits in the past two weeks. Admittedly some of those have been achieved by dubious means but at least people have been clicking on adverts. By dubious, I mean putting adverts up suggesting that people would find hard-core photographs of a sexual nature when instead they find everything is upright and of good moral standing.

Continuing my series of bus photos, here's another one. This time taken with my S1 IS zoom compact. I think I bought this camera from Best Buy before I found Best Buy wasn't very economical.
The big mistake on this is that it was underexposed as aperture priority on the S1 IS seems to top out at 1 second. It's nice and sharp though at f8. 

You've read about my comments about the different cameras available and my quest for ever more depth of field and have probably wondered why anybody would want a camera that only had part of the photo in focus. That's pretty much what I wonder too. There are lots of people that think it's "artistic" but quite candidly, I disagree. When everybody wants to head down the route that art is about mucking about with perfectly good scenes then we are doomed. Art is not about farting around. It is about seeing something nice and recording it.

I dislike intensely the over-Photoshopped garbage that poses as photography these days. It is about as close to photography as a grain of flour is to a cake. Originally there was a good photo there but it has been truly bastardized. The worst I ever saw was the winning entry in South Carolina State Fair. It was a car-wash that had been Photoshopped to have elephants in the car-wash and drying themselves with large towels. That was utterly the most miserable picture I had ever seen. That should never even have made it to the 1st round of judging.

So where do all these photo test leave my opinions? I'd still like to try the Nikon 1 system. I'd like to get my hands on some of the Panasonic and Fuji mirror less cameras too. Realizing that I do need manual focus which would be harder to do on many mirrorless cameras does quench my enthusiasm a shade. Having said that, as I've said before, there is no rush to get mirrorless. It's still a very immature market. It's a market that could boom or that could flop.

Today also I had an interchange with the Chamber over inclusion in the next handbook and on their website. I've come to the conclusion that I'd probably be better just dropping out of all that and just becoming an ordinary member. The chance of getting business for a photography business where each of the 21 potential clients has to pay about $1,000 minimum in order to achieve minimum wage as a photographer is somewhat slimmer than the chance of truth coming from a politician's mouth.

I keep thinking yes, I could do this or that but no - photography never will work as a business. I'd be better enjoying it instead. That's pretty much what I ended up saying, that I don't want to be included in the listings.

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