Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A non-decision

I'm coming toward a non-decision. I don't believe that the market for smaller sensor mirrorless cameras has really matured yet. I'm also of the opinion that occasionally an optical sight does help though that could be something simply slipped into a hotshoe mount in very much the way the auxiliary viewfinder filled onto the Leica S and Leica M rangefinder series cameras. It's not an insurmountable issue.

I went to the zoo yesterday and took a few photos (256 in all) with the emphasis on continuous shooting (until I filled the camera's buffer which seemed to be 10 photos). Google has a funky way of doing things that means 5 similar images can be combined to make an animation automatically. It's part of Google's image recognition system and it's rather fun.
While I can't show more than one at a time on my blog pages without slowing people's computers down terribly, I can put one on and demonstrate what a fun thing these animations are. I went out and took photos using my existing camera gear. I missed one lovely thing that everybody with a zoom compact just flipped the thing into working as a video camera as I don't have the ability to do video on my digital SLR - it's way too elderly for that. A lioness decided to stand and roar though at what I don't know. The lion didn't look very interested. It was very interesting as I'd never heard a lioness roaring before.

The only actual video I managed was one of the aquarium and that was done on my cellphone. Clearly video is something I really need to think about.
Again what Google has done is to put a GIF as a thumbnail for the video. That's very interesting. I'm actually quite impressed by the things Google are doing at the moment. At the moment I use an Apple Mac and was going to get myself an iPhone to get into Apple world. I couldn't afford the entry price of the iPhone and got a Nexus 4 instead. That got me more into Google world. Since then I have seen Google's tablets and Google's Chromebook laptop and how it all ties in with Google into a Google world. I must admit I like Google's ideas although it's all designed to sell their cloud services.

So where is my non-decision? I'm still pretty sure that the market for mirrorless compacts isn't yet mature enough to merit spending money on them yet. My current cameras do work. I'm working on selling the expensive flashes and once that's done, all the stuff that will depreciate will have been sold as has the bulky studio garbage. My decision is to sit on the fence for a while longer.

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