Friday, August 23, 2013

To Domain or not to Domain, that is the question

My domain name "" is expiring soon. I started that domain just about a year ago to use as a commercial website. Well, the usual thing happened - nobody visited the site so I let the paid webhosting go. The domain name is a convenient way to find my blog-hosted website. The problem is that it still costs money. I have little objection to spending $3.99 or even $4.99 on a domain name as it just makes it so much easier to tell people what the website is. When it gets to $10.99 then that ease becomes harder to sell when all it is saving is a few keystrokes for the maybe 5 people a year that would visit my site. Sure - I get lots and lots of website hits but 90% of those hits are from web bots but not from real people. Heck, I don't even get any spammers trying to post spam on my blog as comments! This is my biggest problem - whatever website I put up - nobody seems to want to visit it. It can't be boring because people would have to visit in order to discover it. Having said that, the general comments I have read is that most blogs get no visitors other than the author and are just vanity things. The same can logically be said for most websites for what is a website other than a blog with a domain name. Just for fun I will try to think of a more interesting domain name. I want something that encompasses high-speed and technical photography as a domain name that's short and snappy and doesn't cost any more than $3.99 or at a pinch, $4.99. There are simply far too many domain names that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and unless that recouped itself in hits on the adverts my blog carries then it would be money down the drain. So, I'm thinking hard.

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