Thursday, August 8, 2013


I now have Twitter and Foursquare connected to my site. I might add more photos sometime. This is my special interest website more than anything and is pretty much just hanging around until I feel like doing some more high-speed or technical photography. My main photo site is here. That started as a commercial website. Well, the commercial stuff didn't work out. I have a feeling that to sell photos commercially, you have to market like hell and I just don't do marketing all that well. Sure - I can sell. My day job is as a full time Head Cashier in a store but selling photography takes a load more than sales. At the end of the day you have to persuade people they need a product they have no earthly use for, sell the heck out of prints and recognize that you will most likely only ever see clients once. It's constant promotion. Judging from the numbers of photographers I see going bust, it's hard enough for them too. I'm taking a much more pleasant route and keeping photography as an interest.

Today I read an interesting webpage about some photographer's "multiple income streams". He mentioned writing books and making videos but not anything much else. He claimed to have 3 income streams from photography but fudged what the other two were. To be quite frank, my books sell - I need to do a rewrite and come out with a 3rd edition but what I have sells and it's a great achievement.

I've become a bit lazy about taking photos because I don't happen to have a handy garage to do the high-speed work in, these days. I'm also pretty busy with my job and the courses I'm taking. It's rare that I get 2 days off together so my days off are usually a mad rush for laundry or a mad rush for cleaning the house or something similar. After work I normally just collapse into an armchair and relax to the sound of absolute silence. Thus, don't expect anything to appear quickly on my webpages.

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