Saturday, April 1, 2017

Nikon and Canon to merge

News comes of a planned merger between Canon and Nikon. It seems that declining profits in a world where just about everybody can produce good quality images from their phones, be they flip phones or smart phones has led to a decline in the number of real cameras being purchased.

Reading the joint companies pre press release documentation they agree that while Nikon's smaller left hand lens mount might be problematic for Canon users, mounting a bigger Canon lens onto a Nikon will be harder. It seems that some product realignment is going to occur.

1 Canon and Nikon will not be called Canikon but rather Guandong Cameras since that's largely where the components are made.
2 The Nikon 1 line and Canon M lines will disappear.
3 Nikons bayonet will be used solely for mirrorless cameras and Nikon mount DSLR production will cease as of April 15th.
4 Canon DSLRs will continue to be made under the Guandong brand.
5 New cameras from Guandong will be internet connected meaning instant uploads of both jpeg and raw files.
6 Guandong Cameras will use the Adobe DNG file format rather than Canons CR2 or Nikons NEF.
7 In an attempt to make cameras cheaper there will be a trial line of internet connected cameras that carry advertising. In order to take a picture a 30 second advert must be viewed.

The future for the merged companies looks bright according to the current Presudents of both Nikon and Canon who met to seal the historical deal yesterday. Both will head off to retirement as soon as their successor is appointed.

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