Sunday, January 8, 2017

Nobody reads my blog/Twitter/Facebook

By now most readers should be wondering why Facebook and Twitter are even mentioned. The truth is, they're not used by the author. Certainly some legacy accounts might still broadcast the latest blog posts but these are accounts long since abandoned. It just turned out that Twitter was of significantly less use than a Rabbi in Mecca. Pretty much the same story with Facebook.

Everybody posts on Twitter but nobody reads anything. It's like Facebook etc. Unless one is famous, nobody gives a hoot what people think, feel or say. It's a total waste of time having Twitter, Facebook etc unless as you're famous. When people are famous, they pay staff to post for them. Meanwhile all the dumb suckers of the world believe their insignificant contributions on twitter, Facebook etc are somehow worthwhile then worry about why nobody gives a hoot. The dumbest then start paying for followers. Can you believe that? People actually paying for likes and followers. It's like an elementary school playground where pedophiles hand out sweeties to little children so they'll think positively of the pedophile.
After my smartphone decided to practice the honorable and ancient art of Hari Kiri (an example many politicians should follow), it was time to question why even to possess one. Looking at costs, $12.88 plus tax looked much more interesting than $400 for a new smartphone and $15 a month looked much more interesting than $45 a month. The crazy thing is of course nobody much calls nor texts so 300 minutes a month should be ample. The kicker is the battery should last up to 31 days on standby. That means no more charging my phone every couple of hours! This is bonuses all the way... cheap phone, cheap service, long battery and it's lighter and smaller to carry.

The upshot is that the change from smartphone to phone robs me of the smartphone camera. That, honestly, was the only part of the smartphone that had a lot of use. Sure, GPS was used a lot but it's possible to have a better GPS unit that doesn't fade out when out of AT&T coverage.

Looking at the dumb phone, it is even possible to use both Facebook and Twitter via SMS, assuming somebody was insane enough to desire to do such a strange and quite frankly laughable thing. The idea of using Social Media to me is not just faintly ludicrous but totally insane. A friend had her house burgled a few days ago. She had posted that she was at a class in a library and that's when the burglars struck. Had she posted that she was home with her new Pit Bull then I doubt that she'd have been burgled.

Look at the daft things people do on Social Media:

  • Publish their real names
  • Link their accounts to those of family and friends
  • Announce where they work
  • Announce where they live
  • Show photos of their houses
  • Show photos of their expensive toys
  • Announce where they are
  • Tell the world when they're not home
  • Announce how much they earn
  • Show photos of themselves
  • Put up posts and photos that might be regretted in later life
One of my friends is an attorney. Attorneys love Facebook, particularly divorce attorneys. The woman comes in saying her husband is cheating on her. The attorney checks out her husband's female acquaintances online and sure enough, there is a photo of him trying to taste somebody's tonsils on a beach somewhere. People forget that everything posted online can be used against them, whatever they post. This is why all authors use pseudonyms (or pen names).

Thus, with the lack of a smartphone, I'm now pushed more toward using an actual camera for my photos. The cellphone camera does work. It's just not that great. This is an example of what my cellphone can do.
It's not bad as a quick photo but honestly, it lacks clarity, definition and resolution. It'd be fine for its real purpose which is to record photographs of car accidents and let the insurance company work out the rest.

So has getting rid of a smartphone been beneficial? On the positive side...
  • Less bulk & weight to carry
  • Less charge level anxiety
  • Replacement cost is considerably lower
  • Running cost is considerably lower
  • More time to do real world things
On the downside...
  • Not much of a camera
  • No instant sharing of photos
  • Need to use separate GPS, camera
  • No internet access
  • Nothing to play with when bored
On the whole, life is way better without a smartphone. Astute readers will notice that throughout this blog there have been many reports of fancy electronic gizmos that fail. More astute readers will question the costs of smartphone worship. Seriously... the cameras are quite good on them but smartphones have a replacement cycle not of obsolescence but they just are designed to break. Take mine for example. When the battery is flat, it can be recharged on a Qi pad. When there's just a little charge in it, it cannot! Definitely programmed to be annoying enough to be replaced!

Going back to the title, most people only waste their time on Twitter, Facebook etc because it's already installed on their phones.

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