Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Toshiba $&@#

A long while ago, I bought an iPad mini 2. This was to replace an appalling series of android tablets. To be fair, Android was ok as a system. It was just the build quality of the tablets that really sucked, hence I went through 4 in 2 years. Similarly I went through goodness knows how many substandard smartphones before getting one that actually worked.

Anyway, connecting a camera or memory card to my iPad is almost impossible. I could just plug a camera or card reader right into an Android tablet. That's until I saw this...
It's a Toshiba wifi adapter that allows me to see what's on a memory card or a memory stick. That's as far as it goes though. The software is atrocious. It's on a par with what somebody given a very short time budget having finished a series of evening classes in programming would have produced.

To be blunt, the software purports to let me download images and videos but nothing like that ever actually happened. All it allows me to do is to rename folders and view images. It's about as half assed as can possibly be which had me checking Toshiba's website to see that it really was a Toshiba device and not some 3rd world device with Toshiba's name on it.

Let's just say that I consider myself to have been ripped off. I can't believe I actually paid $10 for this piece of plastic trash. The problem with this kind of trash is it's not fixable, it's not salable, it's not donatable and it's not even givable - it is landfill. It's designed to scam a small amount of money and not to take too much landfill space.

The hunt continues. I gather this might be a good time to bemoan Apple's connectivity issues. Apple has great hardware but poor connectivity. The Android stuff has lousy hardware but great everything else. Maybe tablets just aren't ready for mainstream use yet?

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