Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why should you buy two POS tablets when one would do?

From initially being very skeptical about tablets, I've since come to like them. In fact, tablets are pretty much all I use now. I've been through a good few too - which is where the alarm bells should start ringing! Thus far I've used the following.
1. Nook Color - this was junk from the start. Originally retailing for $279, mine cost me $90. It had a huge fault in that the screen went bananas in humidity. I was using it to display photos at a function and it started flipping from photo to photo at random. Of course I got all the usual snarky comments such as "should't have wasted your money on that. Should have bought an iPad" but that wasn't that helpful. In the end I sold that thing on eBay for $15 and I was lucky to get that, too!
2. RCA 7 inch $50, 8 gigabyte thing. This kinda-sorta worked but not well. After 6 months suffering it, I simply gave it away and bought a reconditioned Nexus 7.
3. Nexus 7 2012 - reconditioned. This was bought for $100 and it was pretty good. The screen was excellent though it could slow inexplicably at times. After about 12 months it was freezing and locking up pretty well constantly. Thus I did what any normal person would and set it to do a factory reset. That was when I found the factory image was missing. I had a $100 brick on my hands. I kept it just in case I could reflash it to get it working again. The commercial outfits either wouldn't touch it or wanted an outrageous $50 to reflash it.
4. RCA 7 inch Voyager Pro. That was $50 for the model with a keyboard. This worked pretty well until the USB connector broke. I got in touch with RCA since it was only 3 months old when the USB socket broke. Their response was very confusing. At the top of the email it said to send them the tablet using their RMA number. At the bottom it said they had sent a replacement. Of course, two weeks later, no replacement has arrived. I suppose I'm going to have to pony up another $10 to send the bloody thing back to them in order for them to send me a "reconditioned" model that might or might not last a further 3 months.

To date I've spent $290 on tablets. My solution when faced with the same problem with phones was that I simply stopped buying the cheap phones and bought one that cost $250 (in an end of line sale). It wasn't the iPhone that I wanted but a Nexus 4. The thing about it is though it's now 2016 and I bought that phone in 2013. It's still working brilliantly. Previous phones just didn't last and just got dumped in a drawer when they gave out or went out in a more spectacular fashion!
It seems that when you buy a cheapass tablet, you need to buy two cheapass tablets. Don't be an idiot like I did and buy one that comes with a keyboard because as with my RCA, the keyboard will only work with the correct model of RCA tablet. Buy two keyboardless tablets and add a cheap keyboard cover. That way you won't get caught out by a tablet failing unexpectedly. You'll also be able to switch the tablets in and out at will.

At the moment I have two equally dead tablets. One that won't charge because the USB connection is just too flimsy but which has a very nice keyboard and one that doesn't have a keyboard but which had a nicer screen that's dead because somebody removed the factory image.

The problem with sending this tablet off is that I can't erase all my passwords and personal information from it before sending it off! I'm rather concerned about that in these days of identity theft. It's not so much the revealing and intimate photos on the tablet. There just aren't any. Sorry - I'm quite mundane and boring. I don't wear fishnets and miniskirts nor do I have photos of anybody else that does. Having said that, the slightest scrap of information in the wrong hands is a very powerful weapon.

I have a feeling that I might just have to write this tablet off as a bad buy and look online for something cheap from China. That is, unless I can open it, resolder the USB socket and then epoxy it into place more solidly so it can't break loose again.

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