Sunday, March 27, 2016

New articles and more news

There is no further news regarding the shooting the other day - none whatsoever. The media is just full of what the police told them which is totally at odds with what was seen. I guess we will never find out the truth or perhaps it will have to wait for the annoucement of the court case.

In other news, I have been looking with disgust at the latest income from the Adsense on this blog. Reall and truly it doesn't seem worth continuing with Adsense. I have been getting an ever reducing income from it. Clicks that should generate income register income very briefly. As an example, my girlfriend was reading the blog, saw something that interested her and read the advert then went on to order whatever it was. Income registered as being something like 65c then a few hours later, it was gone. Back to zero. In a test a few days later, I was in town (I normally stay in the countryside) and I clicked on an advert on a computer on display in a store. The result was again the adsense rose then by the time I was home, had dropped to zero. Something is very fishy with adsense. Given income over the last month like this, it makes sense just to wait for the next payment then just to dump adsense totally. It's not worth the time of day any more.

The income there is not just income from this blog but from 3 others plus youtube. It just seems a little beyond belief given the daily views that income is not higher especially when it used to be up to $50 a month.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems for bloggers like me is the number of bogus blogs out there. The other day, I came across a reference to a blog content creator. Hunting around there was a site offering free blog content creation. It sure did create a blog entry for me. One that expresses amazement that anybody should find content that is auto-created is even believed to be acceptible enough to take money. The people responsible for the gibberish produced by the auto content creator must be laughing all the way to the bank - laughing at the fools that actually sent them money!

All I did was tell it that I wanted an article about the Olympus OMD EM10. It produced something that looked like a letter but which was rephrased into absolute garbage. This article is less literate than something the average 3rd grader would produce!

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